Il terrore verde Andinoacara rivulatus (precedentemente noto come Aequidens rivulatus) è un bellissimo pesce, con una lucentezza complessiva verde e blu metallizzata su una magnifica gamma di colori che va dal viola, rosa, rosso al blu elettrico.I maschi sono più colorati rispetto alle femmine e sviluppano un bordo rosso brillante sulla pinna caudale. velikost 4-5 cm Aequidens tetramerus. However, it is not a legal authority for statutory or regulatory purposes. [6] The fish may grow up to 30 cm (12 in) in length, though 15 to 20 cm (6– to 8 in) lengths are more typical, often depending on the size of the habitat.[7]. 'Aequidens' sp. But, I could not be, absolute certain that I was right. Green Terror or Gold Saum (Andinoacara rivulatus syn. Steve Poland Aquatics 6,425,058 views "Goldsaum" Sukūrė jzoomas , Bir 15 2012 14:30. They can spawn in hard or soft water but generally softer is better. A. rivulatus is an inherently aggressive fish. "Korias" Aequidens metae : Aequidens patricki : Aequidens portalegrensis : Port Cichlid, Brown Acara, Port Acara: Aequidens tetramerus : Saddle Cichlid: Bujurquina vittata : Krobia guianensis : Krobia aff. Freshwat. Pouze na objednávku. Fowler, H. W.; 1911: New fresh-water fishes from western Ecuador. Les nageoires des mâles sont plus effilées que celles des femelles. Do 2 až 21 dní. Search. Acara azurifer (Sci) 4. The female will take the main role in raising the fry. Aequidens rivulatus“Goldsaum”, Andinoacara cf. With the exception of fully mature P. dovii (wolf cichlid) and P. managuense (jaguar cichlid), which rarely cohabit peacefully, A. rivulatus is cunning enough to survive—and even thrive—with larger cichlids. Goldsaum) and Cichlasoma festae. "Goldsaum". This fish was first imported in the U.S. in 1972 and is the first and only true "Green Terror". Aequidens rivulatus (Günther, 1860) Acara aequinoctialis Regan, 1905 Aequidens aequinoctialis (Regan, 1905) Aequidens azurifer Fowler, 1911; References . I am not good at IDs:P I post this for ID in a local forum long time ago.It was ID as most likely 'Aequidens' sp. Velikost 5 - 5,5 cm Aequidens sp.rotsaum. The form from the Esmereldas and above may represent a different species(see ‘notes’). A halak színezete - különösen a hím egyedeké - a foltok között kékesen irizál. Copyright Tropical Fish Site © All rights reserved, API 800 Test Freshwater Aquarium Water Master Test Kit, Large-eyed Mouthbrooder – Callochromis Macrops. The Silver Saum or White Saum "Green Terror" has now been described as Andinoacara stalsbergi . velikost 4-5 cm Aequidens tetramerus. Acara rivulata (Sci) 5. I’ve been out of new world cichlids about 10 years so some of the names are different than I remember but this good old “green terror” fight is still alive and well haha. I’m gonna plan for a good omnivorous diet, and lean a bit more to greens. Max size - 10-12" approx Care - The Gold Saum, almost always mislabeled "Green Terror" even on the "Green Terror" care sheet on here, is a large robust cichlid with a decent set of muscles behind it's bulky body. aquarium literature as ” Aequidens ” sp. Contactez-nous : 03 89 57 23 24. (Ref. Aequidens rivulatus), is a colorful freshwater fish in the cichlid family. Common Names: Green Terror, White Saum, Gold Saum Scientific Name: Aequidens rivulatus Place of Origin: Ecuador and Peru from the Tumbes River in the northEastern corner of Peru through the Ecuadorian outlet of the Esmeraldes River The pair will find a site in open water and usually spawn on a flat rock, something like slate. rivulatus sp. Is this a Green Terror or a Gold Saum? Ichthyol. males of white-edged and gold-edged morph s FishBase [videos]... [>>>] See also: What is the meaning of Water, Cichlids, Feeding, Oscar, Aquarium? Aequidens rivulatus Goldsaum. Name Synonyms Acara aequinoctialis Regan, 1905 Aequidens azurifer Fowler, 1911 Aequidens rivulatus (Günther, 1860) Chromis rivulata Günther, 1860 More. The knowledge at that time determined the fish to be Aequidens rivulatus, now known as Andinoacara rivulatus. [1] The fish originates from the Pacific side of South America from the Tumbes River in Peru to the Esmeraldas River in Ecuador. Green Terror (Ang) 8. Acara aequinoctialis (Sci) 3. Alternative Name(s): Gold Saum, Rivulatus Scientific Name(s): Aequidens rivulatus Category: Cichlid Difficulty: Maximum Size: 30cms Minimum Tank Volume: 300 litres Minimum Tank Size: 60" x 24" x 12" Water Temperature Range: 21-28°C Water pH Range: 6.0-7.5 Water Hardness Range: 5-20 dGH Bei Lieferung sind die Tiere ca. Andinoacara rivulatus. Otherwise they work well with Fire Mouths, Jack Dempseys, Plec’s and other large fish. Are they "Goldsaum"? Aequidens rivulatus (Günther 1860) Recognized by Environments EOL. This species is not to be confused with the blue acara (A. pulcher) which is similar in appearance; the blue acara is not as aggressive and does not grow as large as the gold saum.[5]. Goldsaum (Aequidens sp. On comprendra aisément qu'il sera délicat de l'élever dans un aquarium planté. Goldsaum-Buntbarsch (All) Famille :Cichlidés Genre : Andinoacara Espèce : A. rivulatus (Günther, 1859) Taille adulte :30 centimètres pour le mâle et 25 centimètres pour la femelle. Green terror, Gold Saum: Synonyma: Chromis rivulata (Günther, 1860), Aequidens rivulatus (Günther, 1860), Acara aequinoctialis (Regan, 1905), Acara azurifer (Fowler, 1911) Biotop: Přímořské potoky a říčky. On the other hand, 'Aequidens' sp. "Goldsaum" or Aequidens rivulatus) . They also like to move things, like rocks and other fish, to suit they’re needs. They were sold as "Aequidens" rivulatus. Věd.popsáno: Günther, 1860. There I collected Andinoacara sp. The female is a rather drab Olive Green in colour and lacks the metallic look of the male. CZ016070. ~[ ⇑]), also known as the gold saum, is a colorful. Temperature: 20 – 24 Deg C / 72 – 82 Deg F. Feeding: Omnivorous: live, frozen and flake/pellet foods. Common name - Gold Saum, Orange Saum - Often mislabeled "Green Terror" Scientific name - Andinoacara Rivulatus Family - Cichlidae Origin - South America, Peru. Fiche de l'Andinoacara rivulatus avec les informations sur la taxonomie, la distribution, l'histoire naturelle, la maintennace en aquarium et la conservation ; incluant des … The fish inhabits in South America: in river basins in the West of Ecuador and Central Part of Peru. Musilova, Rican, and Novak (2009). Goldsaumbuntbarsch, Aequidens rivulatus. Native to extreme northern Peru and coastal drainages of western Ecuador as far north as the Río Esmereldas drainage and possibly beyond. Native to Ecuador and Peru, adult Rivulatus are very impressive fish with green edged scales, and nicely patterned dorsal and tail fins with a wide gold edging. Breeding: Good water conditions and as long as the pair get along well then the spawning should be quite easy. [1] It is polymorphic and can have white or gold-orange edging to the tail and dorsal fins. Téléchargements aquariophilie et … Heros severus "Gold" Eye-spot Cichlid; Banded or Sedate Cichlid . $28.85. La forme en provenance de la rivière Esmereldas pourrait représenter une espèce différente. Andinoacara blombergi, a new species from the río Esmeraldas basin in Ecuador and a review of A. rivulatus (Teleostei: Cichlidae). 3-5 cm groß. [4] Females are sexually mature at around 12 cm (4.7 in). Juveniles are tan colored with silver-blue flecks and lack the bright iridescent blue, green, and orange coloration and long, flowing fins of adult specimens. Prodejní cena: 79,00 Kč. Adult males develop a pronounced forehead hump, composed of fatty tissue. (2017). They are very good parents and up to 400 eggs are not uncommon. It has historically been confused with two other species that always have narrow, clearly defined white edging, the more southerly distributed A. stalsbergi (often considered the "true" green terror) and the more northerly A. "Silversaum" Green Terror: Aequidens diadema : Aequidens sp. Monsieur Aequidens Rivulatus développera une bosse frontale qui se développera au fur et à mesure qu'il prendra de l'âge et ça tout au long de sa vie. To find a pair it is best as with most other Cichlids to buy several and allow them to pair off naturally. Profiles Reviews Guides for Tropical and Marine, Common name: Green Terror, Green Terror Cichlid, White Saum, Gold Saum, Average Adult Fish Size: Males up to 12″ (30cm), females 8″ (20cm), Place of Origin: South America (Equador and Peru) still waters of the local river basins. Aequidens rivulatus "GOLDSAUM"(fix) Velikost 5 - 5,5 cm Prodejní cena bez DPH: 65,29 Kč. 182 Kč. Aequidens rivulatus (Sci) 2. Males of A. rivulatus grow larger than females and may reach lengths of up to 30 cm (12 in). A lot of Cichlids tend to hide their sites in caves, but not Green terrors. Panier. Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters 23(2): 117—137. Andinoacara rivulatus CSALÁD Cichlidae MÉRET 18-25 cm °C 24-26 °C °pH 6,5-8 pH °Nk 8-20 Nk HELYIGÉNY 500 liter VISELKEDÉS agresszív, területvédő TÁPLÁLÉK mindenevő HOL TARTÓZKODIK? Fish Information for African Cichlids - Lake Malawi, Lake Tanganyika, Lake Victoria, West African Cichlids, and Dwarf Cichlids including cichlid care, cichlid breeding, and fish diseases. Highly respected and experienced aquarist, Pam has visited cichlid habitats around the world, and bred in her's and her husband Gary fish house hundreds of cichlid species. 118484) … Wijkmark, Kullander, and Barriga (2012). Pouze na objednávku. Name Synonyms Acara aequinoctialis Regan, 1905 Aequidens azurifer Fowler, 1911 Aequidens rivulatus (Günther, 1860) Chromis rivulata Günther, 1860 However, as a rule, a preying cichlid is capable of consuming any animal whose dimensions are inferior to that of the cichlid's fully expanded jaw. Availability: Out of stock. Page d'Accueil; Catalogue en ligne; Conditions et delais de commande; Infos Pratiques. Big Tanks, Big Fish, and Big Rich - Touring Ohio Fish Rescue - Duration: 19:42. A personal favourite a really nice fish. Compatibility: Territorial & aggressive – keep with fish of a similar size and temperament, preferably a species tank. Alf Stalsberg is doing a lot of collecting work with Aequidens species and his web site is very good, "GENUS" Aequidens and "Aequidens". Thanks Stan, it really has been a nightmare. Hi guys, Below are some pictures of a couple of SA Cichlids which I think are Green Terrors (Aequidens sp. Aequidens — рід риб родини цихлові (Cilchlidae).. У 1983 році д-р Свен О. Кулландєр (Dr. Sven O. Kullander) зробив ревізію роду Cichlasoma, потім взявся за рід Aequidens.У результаті чого багато видів були виведені в інші роди: The green terror (Andinoacara rivulatus, syn. Andinoacara rivulatus . As yet, I have never seen a pair spawning in a cave. The fry can be raised on baby brine shrimp or fine flake food. Aequidens rivulatus. Aequidens rivulatus was first described by Gunther in 1860. Cichlid Room Companion Andinoacara rivulatus-Profil. Andinoacara rivulatus - Arany akara (Amerikai sügérek) - Rfs: Honffy Gábor Az egyik legszebb színezetű akarafaj, alapszíne zöldesszürke, melyet oldalán több sorba rendezett, sok apró feketés folt díszít, köztük ezüstös alapszínnel. vložit do košíku. Andinoacara blombergi, a new species from the río Esmeraldas basin in Ecuador and a review of A. rivulatus (Teleostei: Cichlidae). Origine : Amérique du su… `Aequidens` rivulatus : False Green Teror `Aequidens` sp. Aequidens rivulatus aka Green Terror/Gold Saum “Does exactly what it says on the tin” to repeat that well known UK phrase. Livraison sous 2 à 7 jours ouvrés. Learn how and when to remove this template message,, "Green terror : care, size, lifespan, tankmates, breeding", "Sex-specific effects of postnatal testosterone on lateralization in cichlid fish", "Sex-specific effects of maternal testosterone on lateralization in a cichlid fish",, Articles needing additional references from May 2014, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 6 November 2020, at 22:27. 93151) IUCN Red List Status (Ref. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery ... Gold Saum - Andinoacara rivulatus. 76 Kč. Aequidens rivulatus) may refer to the following downloads: Green Terror (stewe90) Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, 63: 493–520.BHL A. rivulatus is a popular fish in the aquarium trade and is noted for its hardiness, as well as its aesthetic appeal. But to be correct the name is today Andinoacara stalsbergi and not an Aequidens anymore, and it's not rivulatus real The real rivulatus is the one from Ecuador and in Esmeraldas riversystem, and the name is today; Andinoacara rivulatus, (Gûnther 1859). Froese, Rainer and Pauly, Daniel, eds. Green Terror - incorrectly used, this refers to Andinoacara stalsbergi középső- és alsó szint ÉLETTARTAM (év) 8-12 év TERMÉSZET-VÉDELMI BESOROLÁS felméretlen SKU. The female is approaching 4". Use this form to contact the webmaster, please! When the latter was introduced in the early 1970s, it was identified in accordance with the knowledge of that time as Aequidens rivulatus. Disclaimer: ITIS taxonomy is based on the latest scientific consensus available, and is provided as a general reference source for interested parties. Previously known as the Aequidens rivulatus. The green terror (Andinoacara rivulatus, syn. "Goldsaum" is commonly labeled as … Téléchargements aquariophilie et bassin de jardin; Telechargements terrariophilie; Contact; Mentions légales ; Catalogue en ligne. Heros sp. Goldsaum is the most commonly available of the three species in the LFS trade. A short time later a very similar cichlid appeared in the hobby and became popular this was known as “Goldsaum”. L'espèce Aequidens rivulatus est donc originaire de l'extrême nord du Pérou et des bassins côtiers de l'ouest de l'Équateur, aussi loin qu'au Nord du bassin du Rio Esmereldas et éventuellement au-delà. Reproduction. Typical Tank setup: Does not like bright lighting. Species recognized by EOL Dynamic Hierarchy 0.9, Barcode of Life Data Systems, Ecuador Species List, Peru Species List, United States Species List, Arabian Sea Species List, South Pacific Species List, NCBI, and Global Biotic Interactions. Explor. Do not put in with Oscars as Green Terrors have been known to kill Oscars, for an unknown reason. La plus grande animalerie de l'audomarrois. The male is about 5.5". Herotilapia multispinosa Rainbow Cichlid Phylogeny of the Neotropical cichlid fish tribe Cichlasomatini (Teleostei: Cichlidae) based on morphological and molecular data, with the description of a new genus. As the name implies, late juvenile-phase and adult-phase specimens can be very aggressive. The green terror (Andinoacara rivulatus, syn. When Andinoacara (Aequidens sp. 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